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We believe collaboratively, your idea can change the world. We ask, listen, understand, learn and use technology to personalise and rapidly solve problems and enhance businesses. We build tomorrow's world changing mobile applications, today.




For organisations beyond the idea stage, we offer a personalised Product Management and "Chief Technology Officer" role to help guide your application from conceptualisation to reality.

Our Vision is to provide each and every individual with the power to make a reality out of their world changing ideas.

Our Mission is to connect the dots of ideas; to build world changing mobile applications that impacts millions of people in a positive way and to propel SMEs into the future.

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Digitisation for Small to Medium Businesses

Modern and traditonal businesses grow through revenue generation, but survive through Digitisation. It is no longer a strategy that can be ignored by either SMBs or big corporations. Consumers are making shifts to the online world and more recently, to mobile platforms, especially in Asia. Digitisation involves e-commerce platforms, a modern and fully workable website, and mobile application flexibility. Traditional brick and mortar stores are fearful of digitising because of the expensive barriers to entry and because the existing system has always worked. 

Going digital is not daunting, if you have the right company helping you through it. Subtera Technology is here to help with creating the e-commerce platform, modern website or mobile application for your business. 


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