• Where Are You From?

    Our founder was born in Malaysia and has spent the last 30 years between Australia, London and Asia. He has just move back to Malaysia. The Co-Founder is from Japan and has lived in Australia, Singapore and London. We’ve operated out of London and Singapore and provide that international approach to Application Development.
  • What Services Do You Specialise In?

    We aim to digitise SMEs in SouthEast Asia with a personalised experience, in the form of a Mobile Application and a Modern Web-based presence.
  • Why Do You Want to Digitise SMEs?

    Traditional businesses, whether from a printing background, publication, retail, finance or any other background can benefit largely from a digitisation. It’s critical to not be left behind by the competition. Digitisation in our heads can come in the form of a Mobile Application and/or a Website. For example, if a retail shop selling unique clothing items would like to digitise, we would recommend a professional website with e-commerce capabilities to order directly from the website. With this, you can instantly reach millions of users quickly. With a complimentary mobile application, you could even take the business as far as being able to receive push notifications for offers. Similarly, a restaurant could benefit from having an ordering system directly from an application. Imagine going to a restaurant, ordering your food from your phone and paying the bill too, without ever having to get up. The possibilities for businesses are endless.
  • How Do You Personalise the Experience?

    No two projects done by us are the same. With each client, we sit and identify the requirements in detail and provide options for the design, experience and development. We personally project manage every aspect of the entire process. Communication and transparency is one of our strongest points and we ensure you’re kept in the loop every step of the way. We meet you over coffee, in your office or for a meal to showcase the application and make sure you’re happy. And when the project is complete, we ensure to remain in touch every few weeks to make sure you’re happy with the performance and metrics. None of our projects have a single line of code that’s been used before in another project. It’s created for you.
  • What Makes You Different From Other Companies Doing The Same Thing?

    Our care. While we of course have to make money as a business, money isn’t our key focus. We want to empower SMEs to digitise, to see the benefits of going digital and to ensure customers, profits and market share with a professional application and website. We want to remove the barriers to entry for you by not charging extraordinary prices for your digitisation. We have heard reports of companies charging MYR 150,000 for simple applications, just because they can. That removes the barriers to entry for you. We know it doesn’t cost that much to develop an application and we aim to educate you on the powers of going digital. We offer a complete service where our focus is you, not money. The application is what you’d like, what you’d imagine. We don’t take a traditional project management approach with a strictly defined methodology. We use modern practices known as Sprints to ensure you’re kept in the loop of every single step. We work to find your customers before your product is even built with practices known as Minimum Viable Products. Our aim is to digitise the economy in South East Asia. We communicate with transparency and efficiency. We make you feel like the most important client in the world.
  • What Type Of Apps Have You Developed?

    We have worked on lifestyle and charity applications, but have extensive experience in the area of enterprise mobility and security. Our developers have worked with Bluetooth Low Energy products and applications and have worked to revolutionise construction industries. We’re a small but dedicated team and if there’s ever a challenge we haven’t worked on, we have the resources to get someone who has.
  • What's Your Favourite Food Place in Malaysia?

    Nirvana’s in Bangsar for the Banana leaf rice. You can’t go wrong with that. And Batu Caves for a good ol’ Thosai. If you don’t find us in the office, we’re usually at one of these places.