Subtera’s six values are Anteambulo, Challenge, Take Ownership, Integrity, Open, Never Eat Alone, which makes up the ACTION we take every day towards our vision: To provide each and every individual the power to make a reality out of their world changing ideas.


What would it look like if we served others instead of helping ourselves? What if we focused on making others look good instead of ourselves? Clearing the way for others. That is what we follow. We want to be indispensable to every individual we meet. We're kind. Ego is our enemy. There's never a task we did on our own. We work closely with our clients to ensure they're the best they can be. 


Nothing in life comes without a challenge. And nothing should be accepted without a challenge. hallenging the Status Quo is our most important rule. If something is conventional, has a tradition behind it, we challenge it; we don’t accept it without a challenge. We are brave in everything we do. and we challenge each other to be the best we can be. 

Take Ownership

We take ownership of your project as our own. Effective not Efficient. Our day is measured by how effective we are, not by how many tasks we achieve. If we achieve 1 important task towards our goals, we've had a better day than achieving 100 unimportant tasks. We Take Ownership for everything we do and for everything we can do to help people with their tasks. Be indispensable. We work from anywhere in the world where we are our most effective.


We will ever take the cheap way out to get to your goal. We will never cut corners. 

Open Mind

We are encouraged to have a Beginner's Mind. We will learn on a daily basis. We will learn from each other, from our customers, our partners, and from the famous minds of the world. 

Never Eat Alone

We value people over the numbers. We communicate fearlessly and value diversity. We will only create a deep relationship with someone. We will never create a relationship for a monetary value. We love serendipity and we have growth mindsets.